Why Yoga Is Best For Weight Loss?

Fed up of dieting, watching bountiful videos, and reading weight-loss magazines? If none of them have worked, turn yourself to yoga.

Unlike hitting the gym, yoga is a more friendly and sustainable way to keep your body fit. So, if you are thinking of turning to yoga for weight loss in a healthy manner, then you've made the right decision.

Initially, when you'll start your yoga journey, multiple questions will twirl your head. How to go about it? Will you be able to practice it in the right manner? Will you end up hurting yourself? But, if you've decided and are certain that you want to make yoga your thing, then there's no looking back even if you are a beginner to yoga.

So, try these beneficial positions of yoga for weight loss for beginners to brighten up not just the way you look at your inner-self, but even your outer-self.

Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss


(Also Known As Lion Pose)

Simhasana is a basic yoga pose that can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of their age. This asana not only lessens facial fat but also tones the facial muscles. When you sit in a Lion Pose with your tongue out, your throat muscles along with your spine gets stretched out. Simhasana is also a great stress releaser.

Chaturanga Dandasana

(Also Known As Low Plank Pose)

This pose requires you off the ground on your hands and toes keeping your core intact. Low Plank Pose pulls your entire body weight upon your hands. As the main focus of this asana is on the arms, it not only strengthens your biceps but also tones your arms.


(Also Known As Boat Pose)

Imagine yourself playing on a sea-saw when you're practicing the Boat Pose as your midriff becomes an overall base to balance your body. If you're facing trouble losing that stubborn tummy fat, practicing this yoga pose will give you evident results. With just a little practice, you're on your way to a toned body.

Baddha Konasana

(Also Known As Cobbler Pose)

Cobbler Pose is more or less like a Butterfly Pose that focuses solely on the stretching of inner and outer thighs. An interesting variation of this pose is that it flutters and beautifully opens itself like a butterfly. This asana is pretty straightforward and easy to practice.


(Also Known As Garland Pose)

Garland Pose is a posture that looks as if you're in a sitting position. This pose mainly focuses on accumulating fat in the lower abdominal part (your belly) of your body. It stretches the groin, hip muscles, and your inner thighs. Malasana also tones your thighs and improves the flexibility of the lower half of your body.

Now that you've gone through all the yoga poses for weight loss, I'm sure you understand how wonderfully yoga will help you once you start practicing it on a regular basis. Don't think twice and join a yoga fitness center right now to embark on your yoga journey!

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